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Tour Villeta
Tours with Motorcycle: Tour Villeta
In this tour of 231 km by the department of Cundinamarca we will drive through several thermal floors, from 2,600 meters high in the city of Bogota, to 850 meters above sea level in the city of Villeta, we will appreciate the changes of the landscape and the diversity of climates, touring several municipalities of the savannah.
Starting From $ 399
Tour El Dorado
Tours with Motorcycle: Tour El Dorado
In this Guided Tour of 283 Km we'll revive the Colombia legend of "EL DORADO" one of the most known because of its relation with the South America conquest, through beautiful valleys and mountains, you would be able to see several lagoons and water dams Inside the high Andean forest.
Starting From $ 399
Tour Zipaquirá y Villa de Leyva
Tours with Motorcycle: Tour Zipaquirá y Villa de Leyva
In this guided Tour of 194 Km, we will go thru the Sabana de Bogotá and then we will visit the Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá, a wonder carved in the rock by man 180 meters deep, from there we will ride thru a route between wonderful mountains to the beautiful town of Villa de Leyva one of the most beautiful villages in Colombia declared National Monument in 1954.
Starting From $ 799

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