Customize your Tour

Customize your Tour

In Mecanika we are willing to help and advise you to personalize your tour in a Harley Davidson Motorcycle, our experts Guides can plan an individual or group trip. You can also choose one of our published guided tours choosing the date that fulfill your needs and budget. Attached you will find the form where you can describe your dream trip through the Colombian Andeans.

We love our country.

We believe in riding free, and always look forward.
We believe in tradition, and the idea that things should be made to last or not made at all.
We believe in the power of simple, two wheeled machines to forge bonds of true frienship, heal wounds, and forge character.
We believe that the freedom of our spirit is our true essence.
We travel the Andes again and again and now we want to show it to you.
We want you to fall in love with this land.
We are pioneers in movement
Wherever you want to go, we will go with you.

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Bogotá - Colombia


We can advise!